Traditional gastronomy: try El Horno de Víznar

Would you like to explore traditional gastronomy from Granada?

If yes, please try El Horno de Víznar restaurant.

One of the attractions in Granada is its gastronomy.

Granada traditional food is heavily influenced not only by the history of the region, but also by its location.

Granada is located on a big plain, called “La vega de Granada”. This plain is an area in which a wide range of vegetables and fruits were grown.

Because of this, in Granada’s food a variety of raw products are used.  Some of its traditional dishes are: Beans with ham; “Gazpacho” that is a cold soup, which tomato is its main ingredient; “Remojón granadino” a salad with orange, spring onion and codfish.

The Nazari influence can be noticed in Granada’s Gastronomy. Nowadays, there are many restaurants, and bakeries that still use a Moorish oven (wood-fired oven) to cook.

In the restaurant “El Horno the Víznar”, one of its specialities is the roast lamb, cooked in the Moorish oven. Served together with roasted spiced vegetables, is a good example of Granada’s traditional gastronomy.

Simply delicious!


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