Let’s visit Montefrío with family

What can we visit today? Lets go to Montefrío!

Montefrío is a cute little village located at the Northwest of Granada Province.  It takes less than an hour by car from Villa Aynadamar.

Surrounded by fields of olive trees, Montefrío has a special skyline, it is considered one of the nicest villages to visit.

Besides its spectacular views, in Montefrío there are many activities to be enjoyed by families.

The Castle of the Villa (former Arabic fortress) is located at the top of a rocky hill. Nowadays, it is possible to visit the monument and it is location  allows to the children to imagine, how they would be the battles between Nazaríes and Christians, in the 15th century.
In Montefrío is also well known the church of the 18th century. Its circular structure and its elegant architecture, are the reasons why it is considered to be one of the representations most distinguished from the neoclassic Spanish style.

Others big attractions are the landscapes that surround the village. There are many several viewing-points from where there can be seen different perspectives of the town and the landscapes that surround it. In 2015, the magazine National Geographic, chose Montefrío as one of 10 villages of the world with better views.

Next to the village, there are archaeological remains to which it is possible to have access through several routes. In the official website of Montefrío it is possible to find detailed information about the different routes to do hiking.

The local gastronomy it is another reason for visiting Montefrío.  There are many nice restaurants to try, with a great gastronomic offer to try (meats, vegetables and stews). We finally chose Restaurant Jomay.


When I went with my family, we ate very well and it is fully suitable for children. The portions are abundant. and it is possible to taste Granada local dishes. The influence of the gastronomy from Córdoba is visible, due to its close proximity to Cordoba province. The aubergines with honey and the “flamenquines” are fullly advisable!

After spending the day at Montefrío we returned back to Villa Aynadamar  full of new experiences and of good feelings. We will come back!


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